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Female Coaches Ministry

North / Northwest Alabama Female Coaches

"Women Coaches matter for a variety of reasons. Research shows that same sex role models positively influence self-perceptions. They challenge stereotypes about gender and leadership and offer diverse perspectives, insight and advice to their athletes. One hundred percent of male athletes have had a male Coaching role model during their athletic careers, to their benefit; young women likewise need and deserve more same sex role models.”

~ quote from the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport

Coaches Bible Study

Interested in doing a Coaches Bible Study, but wondering where to begin?  We suggest using the new study book, The Christ-Pursuing Coach, with input from Scott Tarver, area director, and published here in Alabama!  For more information call Scott, 256.503.7025, or email 


Bold & Beautiful Women's Bible Study
Bold and Beautiful is a 10-session study aimed at college-aged female athletes that can be done preferably in a team or group setting. By providing a biblical perspective on the issues faced by many female athletes; things like identity, body image, comparison, shame and control, we hope athletes will understand true beauty and how a strong and competitive spirit can be godly and feminine.  For more information click here.