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Mark your calendar on September 11, 2018, and plan to attend our Annual Appreciation Luncheon at Court Street Grill in Moulton. 

Partner Appreciation Dinner
We appreciate our STEER, Inc. partners and what they contribute to the ministry! 
The FCA staff, STEER, Inc. partners and spouses, and special guests met at Court Street Grill in Moulton, Tuesday, March 6th, and enjoyed great laughter and fellowship, and food. 

J.D. Oakes and Hannah Hall, Lawrence County High School FCA Huddle members, shared what FCA means to them and their campus and thanked the STEER partners for helping fund FCA to help change their campus. 
Coach Marsela Segars, East Lawrence High School Head Softball Coach, finished her game and came to speak to the partners.  She shared how important her FCA Coaches Bible was to her and the impact Nicole Vaughan, Female Ministry Director, has had on her life.

Del Wright, Vice-President of Field Ministry, Southeast Central Region, was a special guest. We are experiencing great growth in this part of our ministry with a total of 27 cows now in the program!  If you're interested in the STEER program and the impact you can have with this opportunity, please call
Brian Legg - 256.616.9828 or Scott Tarver - 256.503.7025.

  STEER, Inc. -- STEERing Money to Missions

"The Cattle Upon a Thousand Hills are Mine." Ps. 50:10 

 Donate care for cattle and make a difference.

If you are a farmer or rancher or if you know one, here is an opportunity to donate without any cash outlay. The cattle or money to buy one is provided through FCA's partnership with STEER, Inc. The ranchers responsibility to the program is his labor, feed, and care of the animal. There is no risk as all investments are covered by our insurance and depreciation fund. This includes vet fees, death loss, and depreciation losses on the investment. After sale, the majority of the proceeds go to FCA.


 This program helps you further the use of your farm or ranch in service to the Lord by raising livestock whose proceeds may afford Bibles for student-athletes or scholarships to FCA Camps. It is a way to give with no risk or hardship, no capital gains at sale, and it provides an opportunity to witness to your family, local community and marketplace.


 To learn more about the STEER, Inc., program in our area please contact Scott Tarver, 256.503.7025, Brian Legg, 256.616.9828, or the FCA Office, 256.765.0313.

To learn more about STEER, Inc. click the logo.

Download the Steer brochure.

We Appreciate You!

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Akin
Mr. & Mrs. Ashley Holland
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Legg

Mr. & Mrs. Don Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Mize
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Dutton
Mr. & Mrs. Cole Cameron
Mr. & Mrs. C.S. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Miles Hooper
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Hudson

Mr. & Mrs. Kerrick Whisenant
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Crow
Mr. & Mrs. David Glenn
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Porter
Mr. Ted & Mr. Stacy Letson
Mr. & Mrs. Reggie Blankenship
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Kolby Buttrum
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Buttrum
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Pickens
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Dutton
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Buttrum

Mr. & Mrs. Kaleb Terry
Mr. & Mrs. Joel McCay

Partner Appreciation Luncheon

We're seeing great increase in every area of our ministry and our STEER, Inc. program is no exception! Fifteen STEER, Inc. partners and spouses met at Western Sirloin Steakhouse in Moulton September 27th to enjoy lunch, fellowship, and celebrate the program's successes.

Brian Legg, NAL Leadership Board member and program director, works diligently with local farmers and ranchers to grow the program in Lawrence County.

Through his networking efforts, the program is exper-iencing record growth with the placement of 10 new cows since this spring, making North Alabama FCA the second largest FCA STEER, Inc. program in the nation with 24 cows.

During the luncheon, Don Smith, a long-time program partner, challenged partners by saying “I have two cows, and I challenge you to take another cow if you don’t have two. I don’t see a difference in my efforts between having one or two cows. We can add more to the ministry by having two cows.”

 Our goal over the next two years is to place 150 cows throughout the eight counties of North/Northwest Alabama FCA. Our eight counties include Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, Marion, Limestone, Morgan, Lawrence and Winston.

“The STEER, Inc. program is an excellent opportunity for cattlemen to support the ministry financially without adding an extra burden on their farming operations,” says Scott Tarver.


Jim Akin Places First Cow
for Northwest Alabama

Jim Akin, Alabama Cattlemen's Association former President, Lexington, Alabama,
  received his cow in 2010 in support of FCA.

Local Testimonies About The STEER, Inc. Program

 "It's easy to be a caretaker for God, when God has always been our caretaker."
 Brian Legg, Moulton, AL

Ashley Holland, owner of G & H Land and Cattle Company in Decatur, AL, says that "Steer, Inc. has allowed me to participate in a wonderful means of giving back to the Lord's work in a very practical way as a stockman. Anyone who is saved and has a walk with the Lord, and especially those of us who work with the land, can have a deep appreciation for God's wonders in nature.

It is a privilege to be able to take a brood cow and when she delivers that little calf, bring it up knowing when it goes to the sale, the proceeds are donated through Steer, Inc. to the organization of your choice. I am happy to know that FCA will receive proceeds from my calf and it will be used to promote the sharing of the Gospel.

God Almighty owns the cattle on a thousand hills and actually He allows me to be a caretaker for a short while in this life. I pray you might consider your participation in this wonderful program of simply giving back out of your bounty."