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Coaches Wives - Behind the Bench

     Behind the Bench is a ministry designed to encourage and inspire coaches' wives by helping them grow spiritually and providing them with a sense of community. FCA understands that a coach's wife stands in the background (Behind the Bench) while juggling all the demands of raising a family, maintaining a marriage, working, and being in the public eye while the coach gives tirelessly and sacrificially to help young athletes reach their full potential.     

     Since 1954, the Lord has been impacting lives across the nation and internationally through FCA. Our philosophy is to minister “to and through the coach”. The “4 C’s” of FCA are coaches, camps, community and campuses. Camps are opportunities for impact, the community and campuses are the places of influence. In the middle of it all is the coach and his wife.

    In our communities, so many wives are teachers on the campuses, active in the community, plus they are the heart of the home in and out of season. We desire for every wife, no matter what sport(s) her husband coaches, or what school or community they are part of, to experience God’s love and know Him more through this ministry. We want every coach’s wife to have the opportunity to study God’s word, learn from other wives, and grow in the calling God has given her as a wife, mother and in her vocation.

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In December 2017, we kicked-off our Behind the Bench Ministry to serve our Coaches Wives. This March we offered another luncheon in Decatur and began expanding into the Haleyville and Florence areas.

Mrs. Charlotte Allen, former coach and coach's wife, shared her journey as a coach’s wife and reminded the ladies how important their role is behind the bench, not just for their husband, but for the students he coaches.

She shared whether we are coaching or supporting our husbands, students are watching, and we have an opportunity to be an example of hope, faith, and love to them.

It’s an honor to serve our Coaches Wives and we desire this ministry to grow and be an encouragement to our ladies.

Coaches Wives  
Behind the Bench Luncheons  

Mrs. Charlotte Allen shared at our March 13, 2018 North Alabama BTB Luncheon at Java Jaay's in Decatur.